What period/stage of your life would you prefer courtship why?


When you are already aware of the difference between the concept of infatuation and love.
The period of my life where I already have a job and is ready for the possibility to settle down. For I take courtship seriously and if I found someone's courthship impressive and genuine, I would want to be with him for the rest of my life. So I want that somebody to court me when I'm ready and I have already helped my family financially before giving my time to him.
For me, at the usual right age about 18yrs

   Before entering serious relationships road to marriage, I will make sure that everything is enough because future of not mine but to the family that I will be building is what we are talking here. Everything should be settled and that's when the time when I'm already  working, can return the sacrifices of my parents to me when I'm still young and student, can buy things I want and of course when I already found the responsible man of my dreams.

stage II or adolescence or early adulthood


because you have more time to spend  with him/her  and get to know one another


Explanation: It really helps to build one to what to expect ahead, least 8months - 1year.

This is a stage most young ones are eager to be left alone fully. Is best you have someone you can study and blend with early enough than a more matured mind that can hook you to danger through pretence.

The period/stage of my life where I prefer courtship is during high school years. It may not be a popular answer but it is during this time when most people find true love. Young love is usually a love that lasts - not all of course but based from my experience, many of my friends who found love during their teens are happily married now. But of course it would still depend on the situation.  

There are various reasons why I support courtship during high school.

At this point, you are in touch with your emotions. You may be confused but sorting feelings out at this point can make you mature in terms of EQ. If you do not experience heartaches at this point, for example, you may not be able to prepared to handle rejections in later life.  

Also, while we may now know what we like in a woman or man yet at this point, being able to explore your options is a good starting point. If you wait later in life, the options might already be limited.  

Courtship is an exciting part of any relationship as you get to know a potential partner. It is best to be able to know better the person you will be in a relationship with. In today's time it is common for courtship to be ignored and then go straight into a relationship. This usually causes problems later on.


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