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Which of these is not consider a nutrient
a. protins
b. caramel
c. fats
d. vitamin


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/ , I usually eat much food hurriedly, yes because of my work schedule. The time come fast, and of course to avoid late in school every day, especially in the morning I need to eat hurriedly for it did not consume more time.  

There are health practices and tips to prevent disease due to poor hygiene

1.Wash hands thoroughly with soap and flowing clean water before preparing food immediately.

2.Always rinse vegetables and fruits thoroughly with clean water before cutting, eating or cooking them.

3.Wash cutting boards and utensils used on raw meat and poultry before using them on other food.  

4.  Thaw frozen poultry completely before cooking to ensure that it is cooked well.

5.Store leftovers in the refrigerator and picnic food in coolers. Store raw food separately from cooked food.  

6.Wash hands frequently with flowing water and soap.

7.Boil water for drinking.

8. Cover food properly to avoid contamination by flies and other insects.

9. Avoid buying food prepared and sold under unsanitary conditions.

10.Cook food well.

11.Dispose trash properly to prevent water- borne and air- borne diseases,.  


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The topic is about sanitation for food preparation:

Generally the effect of suicide may lead to less productivity and more problems for the economy . It makes it look like that it is just a common thing.

Fats, because all of them are giving a good body condition except for fats. Our body need fat but too much of it can cause high blood and other diseases.
C. Fats because they are carbs that needs to be burned then used as energy and not as nutrients

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