Ano ang maaaring mangyari kung araw - araw kang kumakain ng isaw?


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The correct answer among the listed series of words is Mosquito. Mosquito does NOT belong to the group of virus, bacterium and worm.


Vector versus Pathogens

A mosquito is a small insect that is known as a vector or a disease carrier, while virus, bacterium and worm are known as pathogens or disease-causing organisms.

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Generally speaking, it was known that diseases can be either

communicable or non-communicable

Communicable diseases are known to be diseases due to an infectious process and can be transmitted  from one person to another. Because of this, proper and effective prevention and control of communicable  diseases is a public health concern.



sasagutin ka non kasi mahal ka pa non


Depende kung san mo nakuha yung isaw, kapag sa kalye lang may chance na magkasakit ka (pagtatae) kasi di mo alam kung pano ginawa yan, kung nilinis ba mabuti. Tsaka depende yan kung sensitive ka kasi may mga taong sensitive na kapag kumain ng street foods sumasakit tyan at nagdudumi. 

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