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Millennium Development Goals


Millennium Development Goals were a set of eight goals that all 191  United Nations member states have agreed to try to realize by the year 2015. These eight goals are the following:

The Eight Millennium Development Goals are:

to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; to achieve universal primary education; to promote gender equality and empower women; to reduce child mortality; to improve maternal health; to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; to ensure environmental sustainability; and to develop a global partnership for development.

Under # 2, the Philippine government beleives that men and women who are educated would be able to seek medical help when needed, will be more aware of health issues as well. As such the children of these parent are likely to be better members of the society by seeking employment and sustain personal and family needs ​

It is now 2019, four years after the goals were supposed to have been achieved but in the Philippines many of the goals had not been achieved yet. This year especially, the rise in HIV cases and other diseases such as polio is quite alarming. Citizen should do their part by ensuring they are vaccinated.

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Philippines is wide known for their junk foods and various fast food restaurants which is consumed by the Filipinos. They tend to eat more of pork and other fatty meat instead of vegetables and foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Compared to other Nations, they also tend to consume salt more than a yield quantity, which results to kidney stone and blood pressure. In addition, diabetes and cholesterol is a major illness widely known in Philippines. However, there are still some population in the Philippines who are having greatly nutritious foods on a day to day basis.

Skill related fitness and health related fitness

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