What are the characteristics of healthy communitycharacteristics of a healthy community


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1.What Characteristics Of Healthy Community2.What Characteristics Of Healthy Environment​
1.What Characteristics Of Healthy Community2.What Characteristics Of Healthy Environment​


Healthy sexuality involves not only being male or female, but also your:

Attitudes and feelings.

Physical and emotional needs.

Sexual needs and desires throughout your lifetime.

Pleasure and fulfillment.

Reproduction and fertility.

Self image and respect.

1. Love one another wholeheartedly

2. Be honest with one another

3. Understand each other

4. Apologize to each other

5. Stay away from jealousy

6. Help with each other's promblems

7. Spend time with one another

8. Always appreciate what your relationship has

9. Understand each other's feelings

10. Be caring

11. Stay away from depression

12. Stay loyal to one another

1. free from criminality.

2. enough security and safety for all people.

3.enough facilities like hospitals and schools.

4. a community that love and unify each other.

5. free from any vices.

6. should fear God and offer their services to the Lord and their fellow brothers and sisters.

7. access on affordable healthy food, clean air and water, and education.

8. educational facility for all children.

9. basic emergency services.

10. enough jobs and transportation for all people.

1.have a healthy body
2. have all the strength
3.Mentally healthy
4. have a fit body
5. Always active
6. always ill
7. always dizzy
8.have high blood
9. not active
10.your body is fit in a bad way
Peaceful, clean and a safe place to live in.

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