Aneliza C Peñaredondo Mental Health is important et every stage of a human's life. It is about how a person balances stress,
actions, thoughts, feelings and makes choices. It is also how a person views himself, hou he looks
at other people. It also deals with how he handles challenges - whether positive or negative and
how to overcome them.
Mental health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a state of well-being in which
the person knows his or her own ability, can cope with life's usual pressures, can work productively
and fruitfully and can contribute to his or her society
Instructions: Ask four (4) people to give words that are related to mental health. Write their
responses on the semantic web below. When your web is complete, come up with your own
definition of mental health Write your answer inside the rectangular space below.
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Generally the effect of suicide may lead to less productivity and more problems for the economy . It makes it look like that it is just a common thing.

kapag nagbibinata, nagbabago ang boses ang lalong lumalim ang boses. Mas mabilis din silang tumangkad kapag nagbibinata na. Kapag nagdadalaga naman pag-umbok ng dibdib at paglawak ng katawan.


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