Acrostic poem about gateway drugs


Acrostic poem of 'GATEWAY DRUGS'

Gateway drugs are known to be drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other heroins that abusive usage and dependence can lead to addiction. These drugs are dangerous that can affect the mental and physical health of an individual.

The below acrostic poem of Gateway Drugs is about the effect of using this drug and encouraging everybody else to pull yourself from it.

G-  Giving these drugs to yourself,

A-  Awaking someone else in you.


Take your soul forever,

E-  Eat you alive slowly,

W-  With shame and anger.

A-  Ache for the truth buried


You yearn the most.

D-  Deep inside your soul

R-  Remember your true self

U-  Unite your body and soul.

G-  Go against the addiction and

S-​ Save yourself from falling apart.

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Why gateway drugs is called gateway drugs?



What is this vacancy residing in my heart ?

Now mistakes have become a part of my nature.

I'm the one who has fallen due to mercy.

O God, I've fallen,

When I got separated from you

Then I was destroyed

You're carrying with yourself so many sins

It's like money has become your God

Your moments spent are like the wind

You're walking like the flowing water

You've given me what I desired, everytime

You've become a criminal to yourself



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