A 2-3 stanza poem about consumer health rhyming


tha pandemic is going away


The pavement having a merchandise name

Merchandising sales being the aim

Markdowns throughout any retail store

The array of assortments a consumer just can’t ignore

Yet watch how the consumer spends their money

The consumer will be broke, but certainly not the only

Plastic credit cards that could get you into trouble

This could cause your interest rates to double

But I one should only buy what they actually need

However unnecessary things with no need to proceed

Retail prices coming from a Buyer’s advice

Watch the price and shopping being wise

Fashion designers with a eye for your appeal and style

All through the theory the consumer is thinking during while

Well retail stores have much they want the consumer to explore

But with prices slashed here and over there, the consumer becomes not being sure

Perhaps having will power is something no one should ignore

Money saved with nothing being spent

No question needing to be asked as to where your money went.



consumer health is a health that care of your life


hope its help



consumer health is very improtant

I am Corona, WHO has lauded me pandemic. Alert been sounded not to be panic. Successfully thrown attacks on millions, Still causing death without recess. Now, I am the Criminal, Killer and the Leveller – Why heaping garbage on my shoulder? Forgot awareness? Ignored nature around? Have you ever smelt the alarming sound? The experience was essential for you, mankind. Instead, I have made you equipped and united. Thanks to the warrior! Thanks to their spirit! Blame me as devil corona, throw dust on my feet, Salute to your endeavours – Long Live human spirit! Creation will bloom in place of ruin; Never be disheartened, at next dawn, you must win. Am I the killer? Only the malicious one? Will you not thank me for making you aware? Use mask, maintain proper hygiene – Defend humanity! Celebrate Life – Clouds must erode after sunshine


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