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A 35 year old, alcoholic male with a history of seizures is admitted with a three week history of fever, generalized weakness, poor appetite, and cough productive of green, foul-smelling sputum. On physical examination, the temperature is 100.3 degrees, pulse rate is 96 beats/ minute, respiratory rate is 20 breaths/minute, and BP is 120/80 mm/Hg. There are many missing teeth with gingivitis and dental caries. He has rales and decreased breath sounds over the right base. Chest X-ray shows consolidation in the superior segment of the right lower lobe.


Better that we force the government to back the death penalty because if we are contented the jail only we are so very weak because the policies and also ther a lot of people are not afraid in the life inside the jail

hala lesson

example yung parang may magbebenta sa iyo ng isang produkto at mas mura pero hindi garantisado at hindi lesinsyado ang doktor.

isang specific na example yung parang naging dokumentaryo ni jessica soho where in may tatlong beki na nauto sa medical quackery at nagbigay ang quack ng plastic surgery: cheekbone lift, sa halagang 500 pesos. so dahil mura, sinubukan nila, then they found out na petroleum jelly yung nilagay sa kanilang cheek pero tinry pa rin nila. in the end, lumobo ang kanilang cheeks na parang may bukol.



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