What are the medical and allied health proffesions


Doctors, Nurses, Guidance Counselors, Clinical Psychologist. Health Consultant , Nutritionist 
Because of the poverty they don't have a right work,

 Balancing care quality and efficiency

 Addressing end-of-life issues

The needed medical and allied health professionals in our country are:

For Medical Health ProfessionalsInternal Medicine // Allied HealthWorkersSpeech Pathologists

Medical and allied health professionals help us to have an overall wellness. They have their own specialization for different concerns of our body. They can be found in schools, universities, private practice, care homes, mental health centers, community health centers, and hospitals among others.

It is hard to imagine life without them because they help us become healthy and they help us recover from our illnesses or injuries too.

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The answer is letter B. Health Education

In our country, the Philippines, i believe that these professions are needed in the community, school and country.

Nurses PsychiatristBehavioral Counselors

Considering the decreasing number of health professionals such as nurses, it is very important to employ more of their kind of profession in the health care sector of our government. The lack of government support slowly pushed our nurses to work abroad and serve for the other country. The lack of security of tenure rapidly increased the number of nurses going out of the country leaving our country with few numbers of nurses. The few number of them left, are the ones who are serving the hospitals with a big ratio of patients to take care of. This issue has been addressed but was never been resolved.

Second to the list is the psychiatrist. Though the government had already increase the budget for mental health, still our country lacks enough psychiatrist to cater to the mental health of the general public. In fact, there is only 2 or 3 psychiatrists working in each province (not mentioning the ones having private practice). With the rising need of mental difficulties, this professionals must be present to help the challenged citizens gain back their psychological well-being.

Third in the list is the behavioral counselors. As technology progresses and as the number of broken homes and dysfunctional family increases, a lot of behavioral concerns in our country (especially the teen-agers and young adults) are occurring. Also, considering the cases of internet addiction, substance addiction, anxiety and depression, developmental disorders and personality disorders among common age group, it is right and fitting to have enough number of behavioral counselors to suffice the need.

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I think the most needed medical and allied health professionals that are MOST needed in our school, community, and country are:

For Medical Health Professionals

1) Internal Medicine Doctors

They are important because they know what to do with our health especially when we are ill. They underwent training that made them an authority when it comes to our overall well-being.

2) Psychologists

They can help in improving patient’s decision making, stress management, and behavior. They promote healthy behavior, which can result to disease prevention and eventually improve the quality of life of patients.

3) Dentists

They take care of our teeth. Oral care is one of the most overlooked things in our well-being but when we suffer oral problems, it affects our overall well-being even our social relations and emotional health.

For Allied Health Professionals

1) Pharmacists

They give a trusted environment in which to reduce medication errors and improve safety of patients.

2) Social Workers

It’s good to have people who are there especially during difficult stage of life. Social workers provide people with information, advice and counseling among others

3) Medical Imaging Professionals (e.g. radiographers, sonographers, radiologists)

Their safe and high quality imaging is important for medical decision-making and necessary when tracking the progress of a patient’s ongoing illness.  

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Brgy. Health Centers


1. Psychiatrist (esp. therapist) - a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is needed because mental health is significant not only to the students but also to the personnel especially the teachers. Mental Health advocates may solve the major problems found in schools which are chronic absences, low achievement, disruptive behavior and dropping out.
It is believed that educational institution could play a role in identifying students with problems and helping them succeed not only on academe but also in life. 

2. School's General Physician - a general practitioner or GP is a generalist and a physician who does not only specialize in just one particular area of medicine. GP must provide routine health care in school clinics such as physical examinations and immunizations (as well as vaccination) and assess and treat many different conditions.

3. School's Nurse - Nurses in schools protect, prioritize, and promote student health, facilitates normal development, as well as advances academic success. The school nurse must support student's success by providing proper health care through assessments, interventions, and some follow-ups. The school nurse should always be present as she/he addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students and school's personnel.

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Medical Technologist


Physical Therapist

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