How do food additives bring intoxication to someone?



Boiled foods such as

Kwek kwekSoftdrinks or shakesFrench fries

Because these foods are very high in calories

Ice cream

Ice cream is very delicious but it's to loaded with sugar


If the canteen have foods of this example

Eggs with riceCurry with riceChicken or beef with rice.


sure i am breanna



Food additives are very common in our ears. Food additives are what makes our food tasty and also preserves our food from spoilage. However, some food additives are found to have negative side effects. These side effects are mainly brought by the chemical composition or simply the chemicals found in these food additives which are harmful.

Below are few of the harmful chemicals a food additive may include.

Bisphenols, such as BPA - These can interfere with puberty and fertility.Phthalates. These can interfere with male genital development, and can increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs). They can lead to low-birth weight babies, as well as problems with the immune system, the thyroid, and fertility. Perchlorate. This chemical also interferes with thyroid function, and can disrupt early brain development.Artificial food colors. These have been found to increase symptoms in children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.Nitrates and nitrites. These can interfere with the thyroid, as well as with the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to the body.

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