Give at least 5 intentional injuries, its management and prevention​


No, careless drivers do not cause a direct stress. Careless can lead to accidents, however. Stress is defined as an emotional feeling that one experiences whenever he or she is put under pressure. Stress causes a lot of repercussions and greatly affects not only in the individual, but also his or her relationships with other people as well.

Ways to cope stress

Stress can be experienced by children, especially those undergoing the period of adolescence. Thus, the psychologists and psychiatrists alike have devised ways in order to cope stress. Below are some of the mentioned example:

Avoid overthinkingSleep properlyTake medicinesEat wellPractice exercisingConverse with other people to lessen the burdenCauses

Stress is caused by various things. Examples range from minute or minuscule things to more complex ones. Below are some of the known causes of stress:

OverthinkingSchool related worksJob relatedFamily with other peopleUnhealthy diet

For additional information regarding stress, refer to the following links

Different kinds of stress

Good stress vs toxic stress

Managing stress

Global partnership among the government, the private sector and the society is critical to sustainability


The success of many things depend on cooperation among different entities. Achieving global sustainability is no different. Partnership and cooperation among the government, the private sector and the society is critical to achieving our goals on sustainability.

The government plays a key role in laying our the big picture--the policies and the laws. The private sector is a key stakeholder in the implementation of these laws. They might also be proponents of such policies. The civil society is a partner in ensuring that the laws are followed.

The private sector could likewise mobilize their money into making green investment for example. This would benefit people in fighting climate change. The civil society can then inform the government and even private entities on what is going on in the ground. The feedback can be used by the government to refine and/or craft new policies.

If this is not achieved, the danger is that our efforts would all be scattered or even contradictory with each other. It is good to have a common goal and a way to achieve that goal.

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They don't.

Explanation: In the 21st century, courtship is often labelled to be "dead", due to the fact that everything seems fast paced nowadays. The closest thing this generation probably has on courtship is to throw suáve moves via chat.

I - Information. Parents who are taught well about useful information to take care of a baby tends to have more knowledge about how they could handle their newborn baby.

N - Nutrition. Whether it is an adult or a child, nutrition is always important to our body so we can get the right vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function properly.

F - Food. Proper eating amounts and time can lead to a stronger and healthier lifestyle because food can provide all the things that our body needs throughout the day.

A - Adult Care. The only people who can take care of infants are adults. They are matured people and knows the do's and don'ts for the most part.

N - Nourishment. Nourished children means healthy life. Parents can enable the child to grow in a good way by means of them having proper nourishment.

T - Treatment. People are all unique in different ways. While the child is young, it's better to diagnose him/her with potential issues such as anemia or asthma.

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