What are the effects of drinking alcohol?

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Yes, having no transportation can cause stress, especially if you are running late to school or to work. Stress is defined as an emotional feeling that one experiences whenever he...Read More
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1. 5m-6p2. X-2y3. 11a-4b3x-5ym-pStep-by-step explanation:square root of 25msquare - square root of 36psquare is 5m-6p...Read More
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three components of consumer health  1.health information -any concept step or adviceany concept step or advice that  various sources give to aid  the health  s...Read More
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AGENT-HOST-ENVIRONMENT BELIEF ( classic agent)Letter c. Germ, person or animal and surroundingsIn this belief, it explains that disease as a product of the complex interaction amon...Read More
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She is requesting a supermarket to replace the one box of biscuits that she bought because it is not in good condition...Read More
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x and y chromosomes. female has the x chromosomes. male has both x and y. if the combination becomes xx, it is male, if it is xy, it is female....Read More
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