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Practice resistance skills with your friends and family members. use the various ways of saying no to smoking.

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para medic para sa para puwit emrgency medical para kailangan ng taohindi kona alam...Read More
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answer:"Health is Wealth" Rich or NotWe all have gotChances in lifetimeTo live quite sublimeMore rich people become richerAnd the Majority are poor more poorerIts not how much mone...Read More
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In order to answer your question, we must first define what "crying" actually means.Crying is the eyes' response to a certain emotional state, physical pain, or irritants. Crying i...Read More
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No, losing does not cause stress. The feedback of other people causes stress, however. Stress is defined as an emotional feeling that one experiences whenever he or she is put unde...Read More
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answer:Use you saliva I guessExplanation:Ehh kasi sabi mo na paano maligo ng walang tubig...Read More
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