In Saudi Arabia, which is considered a popular gesture of friendship between men?


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Ang Gitnang Asya o Asya Sentral ay may lawak na 4,003,451km², ang rehiyon ay napapalibutan ng steppe at semi-deserts kung saan halos walang kakahuyan sa malaking bahagi nito habang malalamig na kabundukan naman ng Pamir Mountains at Tian Shan ang makikita sa timog. Ang Caspian Sea, pinakamalaking lawa sa mundo ay matatagpuan sa silangan nito. Ang klima ng rehiyon ay malawak na nagbabago sa ibat ibang bahagi nito, warm humid to temperate humid continental climate sa hilaga, meditteranean climate sa elevated na lupain bandang timog at cold semi-arid at cold desert climate sa silangan at malaking bahagi nito. Ang Gitnang Asya ay binubuo ng mga bansang Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan at minsan Afghanistan (na kabilang rin sa Timog Asya), ang -stan sa huli ng mga bansa ay nangangahulugang "land of".

The layer that is least dense is the which was composed of water when it cooled

         Non-Arabs should not use gestures which show obscenities or insults. Such Arab gestures have varying intensities. Incorrect use may lead to serious offenses and trigger diplomatic accidents, depending on circumstances and region. As with most people, Arabs use gestures and movements of the body to communicate. It has been said that "attaching the hands of an Arab while speaking is binding his tongue." Arab gestures, however, vary significantly from American (or Western) gestures.

Shaking Hands  

     Normally we just learn to shake hands the first time we get introduced to somebody. Most Arabs shake hands whenever they encounter you and whenever they go. Whether they meet you on the street, at an office, at a conference, restaurant or at home, this applies.


       A large number of Arabs touch more to demonstrate friendship between the same sex. When close mates, they lock hands, embrace each other, kiss. As Arab society condones the outward display of affection among male friends, one may see Saudi men, including officials and military officers, holding hands as they walk or converse with each other.

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