What can you say about sona of duterte


Very manly and a well said for the coming changes in our country .
Its so nice and very perfect for him
Ang aking masasabi ay maayos nman at derederetso ang kanyang pagsasalita

yeah tama siya deresto lang yung pagkakasalita at ayus naman yung resulta

mm mm and I will be a good time to get the same

its useful in our life because the presedent are saying

For the personality test it is the way you introduce your life into the others.


Test your self before you doing anything..

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Based on his records, he has done a lot of things. Things that helped many Filipinos sustain their lives. He may be brutal because of his war on drugs. Extrajudicial killings are blamed on him. He may be a womanizer and show no respect for women however, he also respects the rights of the Filipinos, the right to be heard (exlcuding extrajudicial killings). But I think the reimplementation of the Martial Law was very helpful in resolving the violence and terrorism in Marawi. If it wasn't for the action taken, the parents of the Maute brothers and some members of the terror group wouldn't be arrested. 

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