What are the example of bionote ?



A bionote is a short description of the life of an author. However, it only covers the academic life and achievements of that person. This is the main difference in comparison to biography, which tackles about the growth and specifics of the author.


Bionotes are commonly located either at the very back page or at the back cover of a book, with the words "About the author" along with a picture and a 2 - 3 paragraph description about himself.

It is used not only to recognize the person behind the book but also to show the credibility of the author through the achievements and experiences he gained through the years.

Thus, bionotes can be found in academic books in various fields by different professionals.




ANNA PATRICIA A. NABUTEL. Siya ay nagtapos ng elementarya sa Mount Carmel College-Baler, Aurora bilang 3rd honorable mention. Sa nagtapos ng Junior High School at Senior High School Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand sa Aurora National Science High School. Nagtapos siya ng May Karangalan noong siaya ay nasa Senior High School. Kasalukuyan siyang nag-aaral ng Veterinary Medicine sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, Los Banos, Laguna. Kontribyutor siya ng The Nucleus bilang tagapagsulat ng balita.

Noong siya ay nasa ika-limang baitang, naging parte siya ng “Ang Munting Carmelian” ang opisyal na pahayagan ng Mount Carmel College, bilang tagapagsulat ng balita sa kategoyag Pilipino. Nanalo siya sa Division Schools’ Press Conference ’10 ng 2nd placer. Noong siya ay nasa ikasampung baitang, naging parte naman siya ng “The Nucleus”. Kabilang siya sa Collaborative Newspaper Publishing, sa kategoryang Pilipino. Nasungkit nila ang 1st place sa DSPC’15, samantalang napasama sila sa Top 10 sa RSPC’15. Naparangalan ang kanilang papel pananaliksik na may pamagat na BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC PRODUCTION USING TARO (Colocasia esculenta) CORMS bilang Best Research sa kanilang paaralan


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Here's an example of a bionote in tagalog:
What are the example of bionote ?

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