Pantawag tungkol kay andres bonifacio


meaning of the flag

what’s probably the most different about syria’s flag is that as of 2018, the nation doesn’t have just one national flag but has two. one flag is used by the assad government. the flag is based on the flag of the arab liberation and features four colors that represent the four dynasties of arab history: the hashimites, the fatimids, the abbasids and the umayyads.

the syrian national coalition and the syrian interim government use a different national flag. this design is a modified version of the independence flag first used in 1932 and was readopted in opposition to the government


ang kulturang pilipino ay ating kultura tulad kultura natin na magsimba linggo2. at wika natin ay pilipino ginagamit ntin ito araw araw

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I dont really understand your question but, Andres Bonifacio is a national hero who helped the Philippines but never saw the end of his war.

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