What do you know about the publication of the noli me tangere and how it affect the publication?


Noli Me Tángere, Latin for "Touch me not", is an 1887 novel by José Rizal during the colonization of the Philippines by the Spanish Empire to describe perceived inequities of the Spanish Catholic friars and the ruling government.Written in Spanish and published in 1887, José Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere played a crucial role in the political history of the Philippines. Drawing from experience, the conventions of the nineteenth-century novel, and the ideals of European liberalism, Rizal offered up a devastating critique of a society under Spanish colonial rule.
Noli me tangere, affect the peoples in the Philippines in learning to fight for their freedom from those cruel peoples.
Noli Me Tangere (also known as Touch Me Not) was published in Berlin (1887)

Rizal was inspiried to write the Noli because of the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Its main idea is to fight against slavery.

He started writing it on Jan. 02, 1884 Paterno Residence in Madrid. Moved to Germany, Wilhemsfeld (April-June 1886) and to Berlin ( February 1886)

During that time, Rizal had financial struggles that made the publication of the book seemed impossible. But his friend Dr. Maximo Viola is ready to help to publish his book. They started out with 2000 copies for 300 pesos.

Indeed this novel helps the Philippines to achieve her Liberation against the unjust, rascals, scalawags and reprobate Spaniards.

The novel really clings into the heart of the Filipinos. Amazingly the readers respond in various manner. Though the novel highlighted an unarmed revolution but, Filipinos are warriors. Bravery flows within our veins. The novel ignites the nationalistic sense of Filipinos that results the independence and liberation of our beloved home.

The publication of Noli Me Tangere is from Jose Rizal's hard work. He doesn't have enough money to pay its publication and Noli Me Tangere should've turned into ashes. Fortunately, Dr, Maximo Viola saw Rizal's situation and was willing to help by lending him money for the publication.

Noli Me Tangere affected the Phililpines by making Filipinos realize their toxic attitudes or so-called "cancer". It also gave them insight on what is really happening to our country. It proved that Filipinos are not "indios" but people who have extraordinary minds just like anyone else. Lastly, it affected the Philippines by raising patriotism and defending human rights.

Rizal doesn't have money to publish noli me tangere for his parent arw suffering from crisis in his hometown so rizal seeks for help with his friend Maximo Viola, and luckily Maximo helped rizal.The pilipino's was blinded by how cruel and how unhuman the spanish are, but through noli me tangre the pilipino's finally became aware of the bad side of the Prayle and the goverment and they had courage to go agaisnt the spaniard.

noli me tangere affected the philippines by touching and inspiring the hearts of other filipinos.

Jose Rizal finished writing Noli Me Tangere in 1887. He initially feared that he would not be able to publish the book due to financial constraints. However, a friend, Maximo Viola came to the rescue and lent the hesitant Rizal Php 300 for 2,000 copies of the book. The book was eventually published and by March 21, 1887, Rizal sent a copy of the book to his friend Blumentritt. Despite initial issues, the publication of the book brought about needed change in the Philippines and this is what know about the publication of Noli Me Tangere and below is how it affected the Philippines.

The reason Jose Rizal wrote this is to show other Filipinos how the Spaniards mistreated the Filipinos and discriminated them because there is no way Filipinos can talk about this with the Spaniards around them. This novel encouraged Filipinos to rise for a revolution to fight for the freedom of the country and its citizens from the hands of these mistreating Spaniards. The book was banned by the Spaniards, for obvious reasons but of course, Filipinos found a way to smuggle the book into the country. The second and Philippine edition was printed in 1899 in Manila by Chofre y Compania in Escolta. I attached the cover page of the second edition for reference. This was different from the initial cover page in the original manuscript.


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What do you know about the publication of noli me tangere and how it affected the philippines?


noli me tangere is one of the novel that written by our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal

1. Yes, I think reading is still an important activity to indulge in. It expands the mind and most books can create a magnificent story in your head.
Noli me tangere is one the known noble written by Dr. Rizal it affects the publication by spreeding th news about what is happening in our country when the spaniards tried to colonized us.

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