Reaction paper about covid 19 pandemic


baka po ung babae ay walang buhok o kalbo


dahil ang ating bansa ay isang demokratiko.

explanation: ang demokratiko ay isang uri ng lipunan na kung saan nasa tao ang batas at sa bansang demokratiko may isang namumuno na lider o tinatawag nating pangulo ang tao ang namimili kung sino ang ating iboboto na lider o pangulo ng ating bansa


About this Research Topic

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak was an enormous shock for governments, administrative agencies, businesses, and ordinary people. As well as the immediate threat to public health, the pandemic is producing substantial economic and social stresses, as societies introduce measures to restrict the spread of the virus. Even at this point in time, it is evident that the impact of the pandemic has – and, no doubt will continue for some time to have - multiple influences on human behavior and organization that will be challenging to comprehensively document, but which also create an extraordinary opportunity to gather scientific knowledge about many aspects of human psychology.

For this Research Topic, we invite contributions that deliver psychological insights into behavior, cognition, and emotion that will enhance our understanding of human reactions to the coronavirus pandemic and, potentially, improve our ability to respond to future pandemics. This invitation is deliberately framed in inclusive terms: bearing in mind the diverse impacts of the pandemic, we would like to welcome papers that address a broad range of psychological issues.

These might include – but are not restricted to – manuscripts focusing on:


• Pandemic judgment and decision making in experts and the lay population;

• Perception of risk and uncertainty related to the pandemic;

• Psychological assumptions in public policies for pandemic management;

• The role of social influences;


• The relationships between precautionary behavior and understanding,

• Psychological influences on economic behavior;

• Nudging behavior profitable for individuals and society;


• Risk perception, stress, coping, well-being and public trust

• Emotions evoked by factors such as endangerment of health, isolation, job insecurity, other economic consequences;

• Emotional reactions to communications;

Additionally, we also welcome research on personality and individual differences, as well as cross-national and cross-cultural differences.

We place an emphasis on contributions that provide novel empirical data; while we will consider submissions of reviews and commentaries, we will favor submissions which produce novel insights and conclusions, rather than merely apply or extend established theoretical perspectives.

***Due to the exceptional nature of the COVID-19 situation, Frontiers is waiving all article publishing charges for COVID-19 related research in this Research Topic.***

Keywords: coronavirus outbreak, precautionary behavior, risk perceptions, pandemic judgment, pandemic, COVID-19

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