1. On the eve of his death, what did Dr. Kiny say on the opportunity that we have to do?
2. Even after
death, Dr. King has continued challenging the
Americans to make America a better nation. What evidence from the text
supports this conclusion?
3. Based on this speech, what can you inter about economic and social justice in
4. Based this proclamation, how could Americans
how could Americans supporting each
other bring America closer to Dr. Ring's "promised land" of equality and
opportunity? Support your answer with evidence from the text.
5. In the last paragraph of the text, what did President Obama try to
persuade people to do? Do you think this could also be applied in the current
situation of our country? Explain your answer,​




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I don’t know what the answer is I wish I could help

Maghanda ka dapat at wag lang tatamadtamad


desert of arabia.

near the well - where zuleika met the good fairy of the well.

tents where zuleika´s family lived.


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