Is hope necessary in resolving conflict.? (essay writing)



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Yes,because if you have hope to solve that conflicts of yours you can do it
Yes! because when you hope something in to your problem it will resolve your conflicts.
Yes because in resolving conflicts, we must think in a positive way. Don't Lose hope because in every problem that we had, there are always solution. We're just being tested by God on how we deal with our problems.
Yes because how can we resolve a conflict without even a sign or glimpse of Hope.
Hope Elizabeth Soberano
For me, hope is necessary in resolving conflicts because it creates self esteem and confidence for us to have second chances in the mistake we made. I encountered a big conflict once. after I realized I was wrong in giving him/her a cold shoulder, I realized to apologize but of course I needed hope for me to grow confidence in saying sorry so after I apologized, we became friends again.
Definitely yes! It's because if you don't have hope in resolving conflict then you can't conquer the said trial. And the most important thing is that you must have hope/trust in your self especially to our Almighty God.
Yes. For a person without hope is like fighting an army by yourself. With hope, you can do anything, even if you tell a mountain to move on its own

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