Iam an african child meaning of each poem


The poem I AM AN AFRICAN CHILD means that the Africans are proud of themselves and just like others. They were the face of their country, black were Determined to face the consequences that may alter on the way that they want to walk to. Laundry are the only things that should separated with colors.
The lines of the poem of african child represents the african children being proud of their appearances and trait
For my own word, it means that an African child has a potential or skill for a better tomorrow that can enhance more. They are uniquely gifted. For them to success they don't need charity. African child want to be treated like a kid or a child. They want freedom.
Every stanza means how skilled and talented the African children is. And we have no right to discriminate them.

Ako ay isang anak sa african

I am an african child, (for me), well it means that even though we differ in religions, in skin colors, etc. we're all still the same. We're humans, we're inventors, we can still reach our dreams

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