What is the problem and solution of the story the two brothers


Dennis Mitchell, nicknamed Dennis the Menace, has messy blond hair with a characteristic cowlick in the back. He was initially depicted as a defiant child who deliberately sought out mischief, but over the years his personality softened considerably.
Anpu killed her wife and cast her to the dogs and Bata reach the valley of Accia. There was no one with him. 
Anpu killed her wife and cast her to the dogs and bata reach the valley of accia. There was no one with him.

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Jennie has a little brother,her mother is going to the grocery to shop. But Jennie has a walk either but she can't take her brother to her friends house for their school Project

Solution: Ask her friend to come in her house instead

Exposition- introduces character and setting

Rising Action-introduces problem of the story

Climax-excites the story

Falling Action-provides solution to the problem

Resolution-ends of the story


the mother knew the answer of what the despotic ruler asked to her son and she said it how to make it. and then the ruler realized that the province needs aged people not becasue they are weak but they have their wisdom. and the aged people need them.

A woman asking the man why did you leave me like this (turns out that will be a problem) Solution: The man tells the woman that (I left you like this cause i din't want to beak you heart


1.) Problem:

floating around the cabin


Astrounats wear shoes that are coated with a special adhesive, these adhesive stick to the floor of the cabin

2.) Problem:

Serving food is a problem, it will not stay put on the table


food is carefully contained in pouches and drinks are packaged as dehydrated powders, the astrounats add water to beverages through a special tube before drinking

3.) Problem:

Weightlessness also causes problem when tries to work, the simple task of turning a wrench or a door knob can be difficult, since there is no gravity to keep him down


he must be very carefull about how much force he uses to do this simple tasks

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