Would you consider very old women to listen to your speech? or the president of the philippines?



I made several pledges to the members of our armed forces, specially to the guerrillas, during my southern trip. I promised that during my administration we will do everything in our power to aid them. But above all, we shall not forget the widows and orphans of our nation. And one of the first measures that the new Congress will be called upon to pass will be the Filipino GI Bill of Rights which was approved by the Senate in the last Congress.


Its one of the Speech of Senate President Manuel Roxas accepting his nomination as President of the Philippines

It is not important who is your audiences are as long as you are to deliver a speech in which could eventually be helpful for everyone. After all, you're to make a speech not to impress the president nor to be praised by the old woman but you're to make a speech in order to deliver something helpful.

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