True or false. if the statement is true, write the word true. if false, write false and replace the underlined word with the correct term. note that the system accepts an exact answer. wrong spelling is considered wrong. for example: q: whales are reptiles. a: false - mammals the bibliography would serve as a synthesis of all the resources cited within the paper.





because they give young ones

16 true
17. c
18 right
19 teacher
20. students
16 is true 2.False 3 False 4 True 5.tue 
1. b. Television ratings (because you are going to look for the quantity of viewers)
2. Emotions of the researcher (this is to avoid bias)
3. No question details
4. c. systematic process
5. Research answers our daily questions to our daily lives. All answers are considered correct but the best answer is A. It is searching for the truth in a scientific way.
6. Case study (it is typically a study of case to case basis)
7. Reading various material for an assignment (because it requires more than 1 references to produce a comprehensive answer)
8. Research is communicating existing knowledge ( we use references; an existing information as a tool to come up with an answer.
The answer is "False"




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