Why do most children addicted to online games



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1.)idealist- one who sees the best in things; a dreamer; unrealistic. (e)

2.)enthralled- held spellbound; captivated.(a)

3.)incipient- tender, romantic, or nostalgic feeling.(f)

4.)liable- likely at risk of experiencing something unpleasant.(c)

5.)incarnate- personified, given a human form.(j)

6.)trepidation- becomes intruduced gradually.(i)

7.)dispel- beggining to exist.(b)

8.)agitation- made less intense, toned down, soft.(h)

9.)avidly- enthusiastically, with great interest.(g)

10.)subdued- disturbance, annoyance.(d)

ito po sagot ko sana makatulong po ito sa inyu : )

Children mostly now are addicted to online games for many different reasons. It could be for entertainment or it could be their way to relieve and be free from stress. Also, it is one way for them to socialize, though it isn't a good way. It is important that whatever the reason is, they must know how to limit themselves in doing such activity. Anything less or more is bad, one must be responsible with his time in playing.
Most of the children is addicted to online games because they are possibilities that their guardians didn't allow them to play outside. Also children is always curious on something for example gadgets maybe in their home there is no time for playing or bonding for the family they are all focusing in their gadgets that is cause for the children do the same thing. Children love to play and online games gave them many choices of games, why do they need to play outside and get sweat when they can use gadgets and play the same thing effortless ? and last is the playmates even if a child want to play outside if he does't have playmates he/she will get bored and will end in playing online games rather.

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