What makes a person a critical thinker?


when he or she doesn't react immediately on things specially on social media

What makes a person a critical thinking?

Critical thinkers think clearly and rationally, and make logical connections between ideas -- they are crucial to exploring and understanding the world we live in. ... Critical thinkers are focused on constantly upgrading their knowledge, and they engage in independent self-learning.

This is ambiguous. It can be taken to ask as to a course of development or as to a definition. I adopt the former interpretation.

As in any other field of accomplishment, then, some people are just naturals, but leaving that aside …

I think that above all, it is an excellent education that makes a person a critical thinker, specifically, an education that subjects his (or her) naive thinking to unstinting, unremitting criticism over the years by teachers who themselves have received such an education, and by fellow students. The key is unstinting and unremitting criticism, and the enemy to be overcome is natural patterns of human thought, which tend to be wildly inaccurate.

thinking deeply


it is crucial to think lol

Critical thinkers think clearly and rationally and make logical connections between ideas."


What makes a person a critical tinker?​

"Critical thinkers think clearly and rationally and make logical connections between ideas."


To become one takes time, practice, and patience.


Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Someone with critical thinking skills is able to do the following : understand the logical connections between ideas.

> In learning to think critically, you learn to think unnaturally. When it comes to thinking, natural does not work, unless you happen to be a hunter-gatherer on the savannas of Africa 100,000 years ago.

> If your reasoning is not submitted to unstinting, unremitting criticism in the course of your education, I am sorry, but it cannot be considered a good education.

Straightforward training in logic is a great help, and I think it ought to be required at all levels, from elementary school through graduate school.

Self-criticism might figure in the mix, too, but I would guess that it is only a minor factor. How often do people say to themselves, “Wow, my thinking went haywire that time, and the reason would appear to be that ”?

A wide and deep fund of factual knowledge, however, is a great help, too, for sound reasoning often proceeds from facts (though often from hypotheticals as opposed to facts). And here, too, an excellent education is the surest path, though not the only one

Person become a critical thinker when she/he always think harder question by her/him self answering

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