What are the characteristic of alunsina


"read chapter 5 for tomorrow"

i find his excuses hard to swallow, he’s lying.

the police have been digging around in his accounts looking for evidence of fraud.

he’s a really bright spark, so i think he’ll do well at school.

raise the bar

to raise the standards or to make a task more difficult to pull off.

your impressive ux design raised the bar for our competitors.

2. beat around the bush

to talk evasively or waste time with an indirect explanation.

i have a meeting in five minutes so stop beating around the bush.

3. best thing since sliced bread

used to show enthusiasm for something that is impressive or brilliant.

your tagline for that campaign is the best thing since sliced bread.

4. cry over spilled milk

to be upset over something you can’t change or undo.

stop crying over spilled milk and learn from the client’s feedback.

5. cut corners

to save effort or money by looking for easier or cheaper ways to do something

the competitor tried to cut corners in production, which sacrificed quality.

6. round-the-clock

24 hours a day

our round-the-clock support team is ready to help anytime.

7. up in the air

used when something is still undecided.

plans for next year are still up in the air.

8. sit on the fence

not making a clear choice or taking sides.

the boss is sitting on the fence about which employee to promote.

9. safe bet

the option where you’re sure to succeed.

mark’s suggestion is a safe bet since he did an in-depth research on the market.

10. back to square one

to go back to working on something from the beginning.

we’re back to square one since the client didn’t like any of the proposals.

11. cut to the chase

ctto thank you

Alunsina is so beautiful and she like always combing her hair

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