Who has it easier in life, man or woman? why?


They spead quicly and it will be realy battastic


body denotes the entire physical structure, considered as a whole, of man or animal; form looks upon it as a thing of shape and outline, perhaps of beauty; frame regards it as supported by its bony framework; system views it as an assemblage of many related and harmonious organs.


intellect, intelligence, mind, soul, spirit


ashes, body, clay, corpse, dust, form, frame, remains, system, trunk

What comes first in other's minds is the man, never deeply realizes that they're just the same. We commonly associate men as strong but the reality is that men are just and only strong, they could have hardships to overcome in which could be like that of women too. After all, strength has nothing to do with the difficulties men used to encounter.
Man,because man much strength to woman, and their have million reasons why man is the longest life

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