You people ask how can i make real friend?

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English, 28.10.2019, joyce5512
1. unremarkable ideas or at least ideas that aren't good.2. i have no idea3. i also don't know4. pilgrimage is like an adventure set out to find your spiritual significance, it can...Read More
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English, 28.10.2019, elaineeee
melon halves.they are sweet but can be made savory with a little salt.(and can i just say yum! ) they can be eaten in many ways with many different foods. they can be eaten with ot...Read More
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English, 28.10.2019, kuanjunjunkuan
The characters in the story are the lady in gray who is always in the park reading and mr. parkenstacker who is always there watching her secretly. it is a story of how two strange...Read More
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English, 28.10.2019, kirbydimaranan
Similarities of this are both of them represents that memories should not forgotten and both of them are dramatic poetry. there diff. is auld lang syne talks about friendship while...Read More
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