What is the format of apa citation style


What makes a person happy? when that persons want or needs is attained.
Cyberbullying is bullying by using the social media accounts by spreading their pictures, saying something that isn't true and it going to spread to any people who would like to see it. cyber bullying is better than bullying personally, because many people can see it, they are going to judge you even if they don't know the reason, they are going to hate you and curse you and saying bad words at you. but there is no scientific answers why bullying occurs but in a survey they say, they just do it for fun, they would like to tell everyone that they are strong enough and lastly they want to make popular.
Name of autor.(yr of publication).title.place of publication.publishing company

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Living - it includes the abilty of an organism to understand  and respond to the external stimuli.non living - cannot  respond to the external stimuli and also cannot r...Read More
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