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Q1 : b. fluencyq2: a. conclusionq3: trueq4: c. transitionsq5: c. memorized speechq6: d. reading from manuscriptq7: b. attention-getterq8: d. persuasive speechq9: e. enunci...Read More
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The two factors are-1. jealousy among each other.2. people are jealous with you that is why they will cause fight among you to.3. they will ask you who is good in which topic and y...Read More
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answer: reduce, reuse, and recycle. cut down on what you throw away. follow the three "r's" to conserve natural resources and landfill space.volunteer. volunteer for cleanups in yo...Read More
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if you are a type of person that cares more about friends and completely forgotten your study heres your harder cause your friends can wait.and you need to study becau...Read More
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Odin is the all-father of the norse gods and ruler of asgard. he is the son of bor, brother of vili and ve, husband of frigga and the father of thor, vidar, balder and adoptive fat...Read More
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