2examples of luzon folk songs ( with filipino translation)


Leron leron sintaBahay kuboMagtanim ay di biro

tinikling , Mag tanim ay di biro, leron leron sinta, bahay kubo this is the example of luzon folk songs.

Folk songs are composed and originated by our traditional times. Each region of our country has different composition of folk songs. There are different folk songs in lowland Luzon. Five of them are the followings:

1.Paru-parung Bukid



4.Bakya mo Neneng


Paru-parong bukid

It compares a dolled-up woman to a field butterfly flying down the road. The lyrics of the song can be seen at:


This is a very interesting song and dance that caught up the eyes of the beholder.


Carinosa comes from a Spanish word that means loving.

Bakya mo Neneng

This song was inspired by a sleepers called bakya which are wooden clogs worn by women.


This very fun dance steps is very funny but need extra concentration. This dancing takes skill and those who aren't that careful will get they foot caught between two bamboo poles.

Some folk songs that are not included in the five listed, you may see in this links:




•Manang Biday

•Ti ayat ti Maysa nga Ubing


•Atin Cu Pung Singsing


•Y Mariang Malagu


•Magtanim ay di biro

•Bahay Kubo

•Leron Leron Sinta


•Paru Parong Bukid

cañao or kanyang

Step-by-step explanation:

luzon circular step by hopping and skipping in tempo of the stick and gongs

bahay kubo, magtanim ay di biro

Bahay Kubo, Magtanim Ay Di Biro, etc.


1.paru parong bukid




Dayang dayang and driver a nadawel

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