Descibe each character in the story the centipede


Eddie, Delia, Berto, Father, Biryuk ( dog )
Eddie >main character
Delia > Eddie's sister
Biryuk >the lost dog Eddie found while hunting
Berto > one of the workmen for the family
Father > Eddie's and Delia's dad
Because people are close to each other, it's so easy to talk and talk about things not just about them but also about other people. And for this reason the stories spread more and more to more people. And it may not be true most of the time. One of these stories is The Centipede wrote by  Rony V. Diaz. The characters here are Eddie, Delia, Berto, Biryuk, the dog, and the father.

1. Eddie

2. Delia

3. Berto

4. Biryuk the dog

6. The father

Eddie Main CharacterDelia Eddie's SisterBiryuk The Lost Dog that have been found by Eddie while huntingBerto One of the workmen for the familyFather Eddie and Delia's Dad

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