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What are the parts and features of an argumentative essay?



The main textual features in argumentative texts are given by textual and lexical items, that is, textual devices which are words used to enhance the effectiveness of the argument (i.e. declarative verbs, adversative, summative, concluding connectors, syntactic structures).


The following five features make up the structure of an argumentative essay:

•Introduction and thesis.

•Opposing and qualifying ideas.

•Strong evidence in support of claim.

•Style and tone of language.

•A compelling conclusion.


Introduction and thesis.

Opposing and qualifying ideas.

Strong evidence in support of claim.

Style and tone of language.

A compelling conclusion.

It includes data, quotes, anecdotes, and the like to fuel one or more of the three appeals (pathos, logos, and ethos). This component can either be found in each of your body paragraphs or just one. It is used to recognize the arguments made by the opposing side of your argument.

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