Example of a sentence that are personification in the auld lang syne


The flower danced when the strong wind came.

The group of bird sings beautifully like an acapella

The parrot talks to me.

The sun smiled at me when i woke up.




because the camera cannot love literally


Number 2 at number 4 ang gumagamit ng personification kase sa 2 is danced and sa 4 is whisper which is person lang nakakagawa so yun thanks.




kasi i lab u at lab na lab kita

A Car is Rushing like it has meeting.

A Stuffed Toy hugs me when I'm sad.

The Clouds are Smiling at Me.

1. The trees are dancing.
2. The sun and the moon constantly play hide-and-seek but never manage to catch each other.
3.The wind brushes its soft lips upon my cheeks.
4.The waves gently caressed my feet to comfort my aching heart.
The sentence with Weary foot

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