Because of printed words, people can send information across both time and space. because of writing, the words of distant people can influence events, offer knowledge, and change the world. explain it



ethical issues in the communication process attempts to digest and synthesize the research, writing, and thinking on the subject without bogging down readers in many long footnotes. the references and suggested additional readings at the end of the book give readers an idea of this book's many sources, and provide ample avenues for further exploration. drawing from works in the humanities and social sciences, i have put the scholarly literature into nontechnical and familiar language. to avoid being time bound, i have used examples from contemporary life to illustrate discussion of other times, places, and people. i have tried to be as objective and fair as possible and encourage readers to think through the various issues for themselves. the book offers food for thought to help us conscientiously evaluate our everyday decisions in communicative transactions.


Some resolve it in peace, in killing each other, by a contract. that's how they resolve their conflicts
And allow each individual to have relationship even if they are too far from each other.

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