Give at least three reasons why you like or not like the epic poem beowulf?


What I liked about it are as follows:

1. It was considerably bite-sized and the plotnis easy to follow.

2. As expected of an epic, it followed the usual tropes.

3. Character development. (If there were any :/)
I like the Epic Beowulf cause it is the first Epic written in English and I'm glad that it is still available on my generation.
Second, I like how they describe the heroic traits of Beowulf.
And lastly, For me it is a pleasure to read such a nice epic which entails good deeds of Beowulf for example, Beowulf shows Courtesy, when he said that he will rip Grendel's arm with only bare hands and he actually do it without hesitation.
I like it because you can see the determination of beowulf.


1: what did baewulf go to heorot?

answer is: to protect the kingdom of heorot and protect the king and warrior

2: did he achieve his goal? prove your point?

answer is: yes did he achieve the goal to king hroth gar

3: what happen to grendel after the fight?

answer is: grendel was died after the battle of baewulf and grendel

4: what did king hrothgar do to baewulf

answer is: give beawulf a award



Reason #1 why I do not like the epic beowulf is its too brutal for young ages to study the epic... much more when students watch it...reason #2 is they have sexual intecourse part in the epic (if you watched it) reason #3 is the story is kinda short 

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