How can you relate in real life situation the importance of studying the composition of the earth interior


In balancing equations, we have four kinds of reactions, the combination, decomposition, single replacement and double replacement. To reach our goals, we must combine the necessary factors towards our goals. For example, a combination of academic wisdom and actual knowledge gives a person the overall regiment to succeed in his respective field. To improve ourselves, we must remove the things that cause us harm. Decomposing unneeded things in our lives give us the opportunity to utilize the things that they once hinder. Like in a single replacement reaction, we must realize that there are things much fitter than others. Our bad habits now must be replaced by good ones to be able to complete our personality. Lastly, as in a double replacement reaction, life could a series of patterns. We won't know what to expect. Today, this and that happens. Then tomorrow that and this happens. We would even notice, sometimes, that events interchange. Life is ambiguous. That what double replacement reactions teach us

The formula d=rt where d is a distance, r is the rate, and t is the time represents a direct variation model. As a written, for a constant speed (r as the rate), d the distance varies directly with t the time.

Example: If you drive at a constant speed, say 60 mph, the distance increases the longer you drive by a constant 60 miles every hour driven.

the computer will not function, because it's hardware are the ones who activated the computer.Just like our life will not function properly if God is not in our lives

Hardware is the reason why a computer set is functioning properly so, if a computer(set) without a hardware is difficult to use.

A little advice. Your answer will be your real life story and you compare it to the story that you are reading

When the life in earth begins,,it takes a million years to create many living things,,, the earth face many challenges.. like us (the people) faces many challenges but this challenges can resolve by our own hands

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