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Acrisius, King of Argos received a dreadful oracle from Delphi. According to the priestess of Delphi, he will not have a son but a grandson from whose hands he will be killed. Frightened, King Acrisius hid his only daughter Danae from the sight of all men. Danae was locked up inside a house of bronze sunk underground. Zeus entered into the underground chamber in the form of the shower of gold through the roof partly opened. He appeared in front of Danae and in an instant Danae conceived a baby. Later, Danae had given birth to a boy named Perseus. She kept her baby a secret from her own father. But days have come and King Acrisius learned about her secret. The King ordered his people to have a chest built for Danae and child Perseus. Danae and her child were put inside the chest and sent adrift the sea. It bobbed in the waves until it reached the Island of Seraphos where a fisherman named Dictys noticed the chest and took it. When he opened, he saw Danae and Perseus. The kind Dictys let them in their house to live together with his wife. Dictys’ brother, King Polydectes was captivated with Danae’s beauty and married her. Polydectes felt jealous over the love that Danae was giving to Perseus. To get rid of Perseus, Polydectes sent him to a dangerous adventure that put his life in peril. The mission was to kill Medusa, one of the three Gorgons. She has snaky hair and metal-scaled skin. Looking straight in Medusa’s eye can turn mortals into stone. Despite the danger, Perseus agreed to embark on the adventure in order to get his own name a glory. Hermes gave him a sword. He was also given a shield by Athena. Hermes added that Perseus needed also the winged sandals, the helmet of invisibility, and the magic wallet. Those three essential things were all in the possession of the Nymphs of the North. Getting there was not easy. In order to get to the Nymphs of the North, Perseus has to go first to the Gray Women who only could tell the direction. Perseus went to the Gray women, he snatched the eye of the women and threatened not to return it unless they give him the direction pointing to the Nymphs of the North. As soon as the direction was given, Perseus headed to the Island of Gorgons. He was instructed by Athena, telling him that Medusa was the one lying closest to the seashore. With one swift of his sword and with the help of his shield as mirror, Medusa was beheaded and her head was put inside the magic wallet. While Perseus was making his way back home, he noticed a beautiful lady chained on the cliff. He asked her name and why she was hanged. No reply was given by the lady. Perseus insisted the lady to respond. She said her name was Andromeda, daughter of Ethiopian King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Andromeda told Perseus that her mother boasted that she was the most beautiful than 50 lovely daughters of Nereus. As a revenge to her mother Cassiopeia, Andromeda suffered the punishment. At any moment, then, the serpent was on its way to devour Andromeda. Perseus told Andromeda’s parents that he would save their daughter on a condition that they will allow him to marry her. The king and queen agreed at once and Andromeda was saved from death. He took Andromeda to his homeland. At that time, a discus-throw competition was going on at Larissa. Perseus joined in and when it was his turn to throw the discus, he threw it mightily and accidentally hit an old man in the audience. It was learned that his grandfather, King Acrisius, was the one hit by the discus.

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