From the story of how odin lost his eye what lessons did you learned about overcoming challenges?


The lessons I've learned is trusting in yourself and believing in god he is helping us in every moment in hard and easy moments in your life
Odin lost his eye because for the good of other
In overcoming challenges, sometimes you need to sacrifice anything to save or to help many people.
I learned how to overcome every trials that coming is I always keep up on God
I learn that challenges made for us to be strong not to be weak. challenges can be defined good or bad it is according to the person on what her perception of that challenges . challenges can become good if you treat as an way in knowing yourself. remember the quote that experience is the best teacher. overcoming challenges teach me to become strong to never give up and to trust the plan of our Lord for us.
Challenges that how to sacrifice the people who need ur help and the challenges To how to solve the problem

to continue the life no matter how difficult and hard the problem is.There are no problems that has no solutions.Don't surrender until you succeed.You can get through the all problems by believing your self.

It is about true love and care for lives. His mission and purpose of existence, for him, is clear which is why he is determined to do everything.

This story also emphasized moral obligations, passion, and wisdom. If one has not felt this, he/she might questions his/her own existence in this world.

I learned to face them and find a solution to every problem..


He sacrifices his eye for the sake of every individual in this world against all frost giant

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