What is the major conflict in the movie clash of the titans?


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The major conflict in the movie clash of the titans The main conflict in the film is between Hades and Perseus, as Perseus is more or less the guardian  of humanity and just so happens to be Zeus's son, who tricked Hades into becoming the lord of the underworld. Therefore, the "clash" is between Hades and Zeus, who are both Titans and who have different opinions on  what they want from humans. Zeus needs respect and reverence, Hades is easier to have fear.  In an dimension of "doing this from 30,000 feet," Hades is pitting his Kraken against the son of Zeus, in an epic  fight to see who can rule the mortals. Clash can be described as a violent or sharp conflict, when used as a noun. The Titans 'film Clash refers to a  violent confrontation between the Titans and the Olympiens. The "of" preposition doesn't automatically mean  "both" as you seem to think. In other words, saying titanic clash doesn't actually mean it was a titanic clash. The conflict unfolding on Olympus is just as muddled; Hades is attempting to overthrow Zeus because  he is dissatisfied with his lot, which could fly with people who have never read a Greek myth, except that even the gods  seem puzzled as to how exactly threatening people with the kraken child of Hades would push the requisite energizing  prayers from humans to the god of their choosing.(Liam Neeson and his brilliant armor seem to be properly humiliated by all this; Ralph Fiennes walked beyond embarrassment, and only Voldemorts walked through the frame.) The script is such a mess that ostensible love interest Andromeda stays behind and wanders aimlessly through  the ruined city; the endlessly-informed Io takes her place on the hunt, offering rape heavy backstories about whatever monster they are about to face. (If you think at the end of the movie  this would turn out differently, you have no idea.) If the movie in an age of gods tried to discuss free will, it might have succeeded.  If they had gone for their ensemble cast's full-pulp potential, it would have worked out.  Alternatively, the Titans 'Clash looks like a movie being put together from a stack  of index cards filled with action-movie tropes, CGI samples and 101 lecture notes from Mythology. There is not much that is positive to say about the Titans 'Clash. If it had not so badly confused its plot, there could be an interesting idea about the struggle between confidence in supreme beings (who are physically  present and observable in this case) and man's ability to forge his own destiny and break free from the whims of petty gods.

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