How vidily and believeably are the characters, settings ,dialogues. actions and feelings


that is a preposition of emotion

thats reflect on the body of the human source thats efect emotion


1. Original


3. Purpose

4. Feelings

5. Memories


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4. characters are being personified through their dialogues action and feeling expressed within a story

did the work is there any memories and emotions?

- yes because here in our world it is very rare to hear that a city girl can fall in love with a provinciano

2. the purpose of the writer is to value our life even if we experienced hard times and disposition in our life. and sacrificing our life to save another life is not a waste of life

These elements of a narrative/fiction go hand in hand. Characters are being personified through their dialogues, actions, and feelings expressed within a story. Settings, on the other hand, dictates somehow the fate of characters. They become believable whenever a writer uses realistic events and places.

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