What happens to her as she lives throughher experience


AS she continued her work the peple showered her wool and cloth with praise and this was where her pride originated from.!

What happens to Arachne as she lives through her experience? Since Arachne lost and was turned into a spider due to Athena's pity for her. She will forever have the ability to weave without even touching any loom or spindle.

she will be strong person


because experience is the best teacher or lesson

she grows up thats my answer but im noy sure

like we always say experience is the best teacher, however, situations can't be same all the time. it's great when you live through your experience where you're able tot predict on what's going to happen but, give it a chance in the way of time, what if it changes? so living through experience Will make your life easy but living through experience after giving it a chance to change will make your life easier


she'll be able to enjoy life to the fullest and as she develope or enhanced her skill based on her experience

di ko den po alam eh


sorry po

Arachne became a Spider and and she's still weaving but uses the web of a spider


It's better for an individual because it helps you gain lots of knowledge and motivates you in your everyday experience

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