What is the meaning of achievement or success


achievement means you suceeded in your goal

Achievement is a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.

Achievement cluster is part of the PECs needed to be come a successful entrepreneur. These three are achievement, planning and power. Under achievement cluster, we have opportunity seeking, commitment to the work contract, persistence, risk taking and demand for efficiency and quality. These elements are all important so that a businessman can be successful., Otherwise, the business is bound to fail.  

Opportunity seeking - are you constantly on the lookout for business opportunities? DO you see a solution when others see a problem?

Commitment to the work contract - are you ensuring that you honor the contracts set forth with you clients? Or do you renege on them? This means as well that you will work with you employees to make sure that commitments are upheld.

Persistence - perhaps one of the most critical trait any businessman should have. If you easily give up, there is no success. It usually takes two years to profit from a business--that is a long time. If you are not patient enough, you might just give up.

Risk-taking - Businessmen are essentially risk takers. But how much of a risk are we talking about? What is your risk tolerance?

Demand for Efficiency and Quality - of course in any business we do not settle for mediocre. We always need to make sure that improvement is done and every process is improved.


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What is Entrepreneurship?

Three Clusters of PEC:

Noun. meaning able to win something. Experiencing victory. Accomplishin something with hard work.

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