How to prevent cyberbullying confluct


To prevent cyberbullying from occuring you must understand exactly what it is. Research constitutes cyberbullying, as well as how and where it is mostly to occur. Talk to your friends what about they are seeing and experiencing.



You can prevent cyberbullying when you are strong enough to handle it also stop communicating them on social media.

You can stay cyber-safe when you are doing productive things on a day than stand bying in social media.



sex education in school; in my opinion having sex ed is okay just to prevent people (from hiv or getting preggers)

war on drugs is a failed policy; till now nobody has talked about it yet this is still a problem, the government cannot prevent people from taking drugs on what Duterte had done to the people who takes drugs it just kept growing and growing back again.

premarital sex; this is still a moral issue.

divorce; i have nothing to say here it depends whether the two couple doesnt want each other or just havent fixed a problem yet

same sex marriage; i am not against this issue or whatsoever

understanding and preventing cyberbullying; another big issue that is happening right now, ofcourse you cant prevent kids from cyberbullying but its easy to get away with it, cyberbullying is done on the internet this makes people commit suicide because of words they cant handle or things that are being created with their faces. Social media is for 18+ only kids nowadays have it so it is very hard to prevent cyberbullying.

Don't judge other people and don't post toxic words because you will hurt other people


stop contacting anyone













correct me if I'm wrong!

1. It's all about DepEd Commons.

2. The characters in the news,like Secretary Leonor Briones

3. Manila (I think so)

4. Because, It's show us how important to read and understand the news.

5. ?

these are the tips to prevent cyber bullying

Educate yourself: To prevent cyberbullying from occurring you must understand exactly what it is. Research what constitutes cyberbullying, how and where it occurs, and talk with your friends about what they are seeing and experiencing. 

Protect your password: Safeguard your password and all private information from inquisitive peers. You don't want to give bullies the opportunity to post false/private/embarrassing information or pictures on your social media pages or send them to the whole school through email. 

Keep photos PG: Before sending a racy photo of yourself to a peer or posting it online, consider if this is something you would want others to see, especially your family.

 id hope it can help

Bullying exists online, at school and in the wider community.  We’re here to help those who suffer from bullying, but also to help their families, their teacher’s and their friends. But we also want to help bullies to change, because no one bullies because they are happy with themselves, and so they damage other people.

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