List down your strengths and how you intend to use them in the table below.

List down your strengths and how you intend to use them in the table below.


This is a very personal question and should vary per person. You should have your own answer. Not everyone has the same strengths and weaknesses.

To give an example, however, my strengths would be having a firm sense of what is right and wrong, and being able to open my minds to new ideas. My weaknesses would be being socially anxious and never being able to act upon my values.

This would mean that I, although knowing what the right thing to do is, cannot act upon it. This makes me unfit to be a leader as a leader has to be firm so as to hold his or her ground and be able to lead and influence other people.
- family
- confidence
- deep
Public speaking. I can use that to advocate good things/ideas/programs for my community and country.

streng: sports, eating and family

weakness: talking in front of the crowd and drawing

If stars are in the sky, where can you find trees









Being compared

Being Bullied



my strength is powerful

i use them for helping cleaning do my assignments


1 coirdination 2 balance 3 accuracy

My knowledge - use this so that they wont be able to took advantage or to fool me.

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