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are the forces acting on the pen ? if yes ,draw the forces. you may use arrows to represent these forces​


yes. | /\

| | tensional force

7. =

| gravitational force


yung 7 kunwari yung pen

ang forces nyan ay tensional force and gravitational force

Yes. There's a balanced force acting on the pen if it's not been moved, otherwise it's unbalanced force. To draw this, just draw the pen. Then, draw 8 arrows where the arrowheads are pointing towards the pen from eight directions (north, south, east, west, NE, NW, SW, SE)

yes the firces acting on the pen are the tension force and the gravity force

tension force




gravity force


↕️ its because of gravitational at tension forces

There is force acting on the pen.

The force is called Gravitational force

There are forces acting on a pen.


Per say a pen is on a table, the reason that it doesn't move or it sits still is because there are balanced forces actiong on it. Downward is the gravitational force and upward is the normal force.

I'm sorry for my drawing haha.

are there forces acting on the pen ? if yes draw the forces. You may use arrows to represent these f

Q1.the pen is at rest

Q2.yes, the foces actinv on the pen are the tension force(thr forcr exerted by the string on the pen) and the force of gravity

tension force

the focd of gravity

Q3.when the string was cut, the pen falls on yhe ground.The force of gravity makes the object fall down


yes I am you can do it


Hang a pen by a piece of string

Q1. Is the pen at rest or in motion?

Q1. Are there forces acting on the pen? If yes draw the Forces. You may use arrows to represent these Force.


• Yes, a pen hanging by a piece of string is perfectly at rest.

• Yes, even though the pen is at rest, there is a force acting upon it called gravity, this is because when you hang a pen, its tip will always point downward, due to the pull of Earth's gravity.

It will only move, when an unbalanced force disturbed and acted on the hanging pen.


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1.In rest

2. draw a pen with a string and draw an arrow on the top pointing upwards and an arrow on the tip pointing down


Im already done with this question and I was correct when I passed it to my teacher

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