Meaning of the poem mewling and puking in the nurses arms


The seven ages of man
the new born child entered the stage of a new life of him/her and he/she cried and vomiting in the nurse arm..

ps: not so sure
The new born child entered a new life for being a baby, and he/she cried and vomiting in nurse arm..

ps: not so sure
That line comes from the seven stages of man which describes that first stage "a baby". Mewling means crying and puking means vomiting. When a child is born it's first action would be to cry and vomit.

B. Crying and Vomiting


im not really sure but yeah hshs

B. Crying and vomiting



cry feebly or querulously; whimper.

The title of the poem is The Seven Ages Of Man. At infancy, we are helpless, not knowing the World and only crying and puking on your mothers arm.

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